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Our latest hanger range arrives!

Steel strength inside a velvet glove!

Our newest range of hangers is also our strongest! The metal frame gives extra strength to the join between hook and hanger, while the soft PVC coating gives an excellent non-slip quality, making a serviceable hanger look stylish.


Other features:

 Provides for all ages, from kids’ to men’s sizes

 Provides for all garment types – tops, shirts and blouses, suits, trousers, skirts and other clothes with hanging loops

 Ideal for knitwear and heavier garments – strong with powerful non-slip surface

 Slimline – great for customers with limited hanging space.

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Take your wardrobe into a new dimension!

eclipseblogpicOur Eclipse coat and clothes hangers hang garments perfectly, are of the best quality and are really cheap too.

As a premium plastic coat hanger range, it offers the best in style and versatility for your wardrobe at very competitive prices. Due to the sheer quality of the materials used, Eclipse hangers look smart, clean and contemporary. This look is enhanced by the crescent-shaped neck, which is stylish but simple. This also creates a large print area for a printed brand logo.

We keep seven different styles in stock (not to mention others that can be ordered through our sister business for corporate customers), all featuring either clips or notches. So, the Eclipse range can be used for shirts, blouses, other kinds of tops, dresses, jackets, knitwear, trousers and shirts.

Did you know that our prices start at just 22p per hanger (including VAT and postage)?

Take a look at our Eclipse plastic coat hanger range for more information.

It's Time To Air Your Laundry

On the lookout for a handy hanger that will allow your clothing to dry safely and securely on the washing line? Well look no further.

A similar but sleeker design to our multipurpose range, this new hanger is complete with a fastening to attach it to your washing line and several notches and ridges to secure your clothing to withstand strong winds, just in case a British summer should ever include strong winds!

From just 30p per hanger, you can buy in pack sizes of 10, 20, 30, 60 or 100 hangers. It’s available in red, blue and green. Buy a pack of each for the ultimate psychedelic washing line!

So make the most of the sun this summertime (if you can find it) and invest in our new innovative range for this season’s clothes.

Do Tell the Bride!

The Coat Hanger Boat

Clacton’s Clothes Hanger Craft: note the skilful use of coat hangers around the sides.

In another exciting coat hanger development in our home county of Essex, two men from Clacton have built their own fishing boat from a range of handy materials, held together by wire coat hangers and glue.

Even though we sell a wide range of ‘multi-purpose hangers’, this particular use was a new one on us. It only goes to show how flexible and undervalued the common coat hanger is!

The coat hangers kept the craft perfectly shipshape for the Easter weekend - a good thing since neither of these brave pioneers had lifejackets and only one could swim. However, they ran into trouble on Monday afternoon when their oars broke and they had to be rescued by the RNLI. Still, it’s good to know that it wasn’t the hangers that let them down.

Hanger Store Multipurpose Hangers: they have a wide range of uses - but ship-building probably isn’t one.

The shoulders of our broad wooden jacket hangers might make a handy pair of oars – but do try this at home first, before you put to sea!

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