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The Coat Hanger Boat

Clacton’s Clothes Hanger Craft: note the skilful use of coat hangers around the sides.

In another exciting coat hanger development in our home county of Essex, two men from Clacton have built their own fishing boat from a range of handy materials, held together by wire coat hangers and glue.

Even though we sell a wide range of ‘multi-purpose hangers’, this particular use was a new one on us. It only goes to show how flexible and undervalued the common coat hanger is!

The coat hangers kept the craft perfectly shipshape for the Easter weekend - a good thing since neither of these brave pioneers had lifejackets and only one could swim. However, they ran into trouble on Monday afternoon when their oars broke and they had to be rescued by the RNLI. Still, it’s good to know that it wasn’t the hangers that let them down.

Hanger Store Multipurpose Hangers: they have a wide range of uses - but ship-building probably isn’t one.

The shoulders of our broad wooden jacket hangers might make a handy pair of oars – but do try this at home first, before you put to sea!