New Black Velvet Multipurpose Hangers from CDC



CDC is proud to announce the latest addition to our extensive stock of hangers!

Textured in black velvet with a shiny chrome hook, it’s both stylish and practical as the flocked surface stops clothes from slipping off the hanger.  At 45cm wide, it can take the widest garments.  As well as shirts tops and blouses, the notches on the shoulders mean it accommodates skirts and other loop-hung clothes as well.  The lower bar’s for trousers and the upper bar’s for ties and scarves.  So it’s well and truly a multipurpose hanger!

At 5mm thick, it’s ideal for the shop with limited hanging space and the domestic wardrobe whose owner has lots of clothes to house.  And the final attraction is the price – just £50 for a box of 100!  Smaller quantities are available on our sister website .

We’re delighted to send free samples to any business customer – just fill in the contact form, e-mail or phone us on +44 (0) 1245 253420.  And, as ever, we continue to source a wide range of other velvet and flocked hangers to order.

Example of our existing range of flocked hangers:


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