Personalised Printed Hangers


Boost your Brand with Personalised Printed Hangers

‘Image is everything’, said Andre Agassi, Elle Macpherson and no doubt many others. If you’re a fashion retailer, you’ll expect everything in your outlet (displays, bags etc) to contribute to your brand image. So why let your hangers off the hook? Instead of just ‘hanging around’ in a bland unassuming sort of way, they can play their part too – providing vital subliminial advertising which no customer can avoid seeing.

Traditionally, printed hangers were the preserve of the most successful high street brands. That speaks for itself, but it’s no longer true. Small and medium-sized outlets need this type of branding too. It’s a hallmark of quality, creates that essential ambience and sets you apart from the rest. Most importantly, you don’t need the advertising budget of a high street brand. At CDC, we can print 500 hangers for just £135! Even better, most of this is the one-off cost of the printing plate, so if you come back for more at a later date, the next 500 only costs £60!



Unlike most of our competitors, CDC has it’s own in-house printing facility. This means we can turn jobs round much more quickly, as we’re not dependent on suppliers and we can fulfil orders for as little as 500 hangers. We also have a wealth of experience so can advise you on what will work best for you.

We can print multiple colour logos and, as well as printing hangers, we can source plaques, printed garment bags and stationary.


Click here for more information: Or email us at or phone us at 01245 253420.

Printing your logo onto the humble hanger can have a magical effect!


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