101 Uses for coat hangers – Part 1!

You might think that clothes hangers are just bits of wood, metal or plastic used to hang clothes on. But you’d be wrong….

This summer, CDC has been supporting Architecture for Humanity, a global charity that offers design support to people and communities in need. The project was to design a multipurpose performance area for the annual festival of WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance).

Our summer holiday pic.s show CDC’s contribution to this excellent cause. Our robust wooden coat hangers were perfect for creating this attractive eco-friendly lampstand! Suit hangers were particularly good, as the bar for hanging trousers gives even greater strength. As you can see, the wide range of colours we offer (black, white, natural, walnut wood etc.), makes our wooden hangers ideal for all sorts of unexpected projects!

CDC – helping to keep the lights on – saving the planet!

Under Construction: a colourful canopy crowns a column of eco-friendly coat hangers!



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