Colour & class without high cost!


Can you guess what dull, grey thoughts are running through her mind? Go to our Facebook page to enter our caption contest and maybe win a set of fine CDC wooden hangers! 

An extreme example of scrimping on visual merchandising?

True, but it’s a dilemma for many retailers. You must make your outlet colourful and vibrant, but how do you balance this cost with so many others?

At CDC, we have the solution. In fact, we have several, but here’s one – our multipurpose plastic suit hangers. Made of robust polypropylene, they offer excellent durability. With a bar, notches and non-slip ribbing they will hang virtually any type of garment – T-shirts, sportswear, blouses, tops, skirts and suits. With these multi-purposes, they are extraordinarily good value. Prices start from just £85.50 per box of 400 – contact us for a special quote if you’re considering an order of 2,500 hangers or more.


If like the shop pictured above, your retail display needs a colour boost, our multipurpose hangers come in a range of vibrant colours – blue, yellow, green, red, black and natural. With our in-house hanger printing service, we can also print them with your logo for hat extra touch of class. 

So banish the piles of grey – there’s no need to choose between colour, class and low cost. At CDC, you can have all three – a winning combination!


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