The Coat Hanger Boat

Fishing vessel launched, held together by coat hangers and glue.

The Easter weekend saw the launch of the first known example of a boat held together by coat hangers, proving once again that coat hangers are a much overlooked commodity! The brain child of two fishermen from Clacton in Essex, the boat was initially a success, enabling them to catch several fish.

Sadly though, the vessel ran into difficulties on Monday when the oars snapped, and the enterprising pair had to be rescued by the RNLI. Neither had lifejackets and one of the men couldn’t swim.

Interestingly though, it wasn’t the coat hangers that let them down – only the paddles. Maybe some of our wooden jacket hangers with broad shoulders would have performed better, suggesting that if in doubt it’s always better to have more coat hangers!

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Our broad wooden jacket hangers:  a pair of broad shoulders to rely on when the going gets rough?  

No substitute for standard paddles however.

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