Double your Hanging Space with this Handy Little Gadget

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s a hanger connector!

Measuring just 4cm long, these certainly aren’t rocket science, but they can transform a crowded wardrobe.  You simply put one over the hook of one of your coat hangers and it lets you hang another coat hanger in the same vertical space – so double your hanging space.

Do this to all your hangers and you’ve doubled your hanging space in a flash, leaving more space on the rail – without the need to buy another wardrobe or clothes rail.  Also, very handy for hanging matching items together, so you can find them in a hurry.

If your wardrobe is tall enough, you can keep going and hang a third tier of hangers from the same basic coat hanger.  Or a fourth tier – and so on.  There must be a world record written down somewhere!

These stylish little connectors are covered in black or grey velvet, so go perfectly with our black or grey velvet clothes hangers. But, made from durable ABS plastic, they can also be used with other heavier hangers, including wooden hangers.

With prices starting at just 22.5 pence each if you buy 40, they’re a cheap and easy way to double your hanging space – and all without the hassle of a flatpack!

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