Great Grips!

We’re proud to announce 2 new black plastic hangers with great grips, at gripping prices! Here’s the first – our ultra strong plastic clips hanger. Click the image to buy now.

Why so strong? Because:

  • the bar has a special double skin (U shape) design
  • the clips are particularly robust and firm.

Both make it ideal for heavy garments.

But don’t forget the soft plastic pads!

With such a strong plastics clips hanger, you need something to prevent or reduce the chance of marks the fabrics. So the clips have hidden little pads inside to keep the fabric looking pristine. Plus, the high quality plastic used means both garment and hangers will look good in any retail store, especially if we use the wide neck to print your brand logo.


Despite its strength and quality, this strong plastic clips hanger is priced from 25p, only 1p more than our standard black plastic clips hanger.

To find out about our other gripping new coat hanger, watch out for our next blog!

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