Declutter your Closet with Hayley and the Hanger Store

TV cleaning sensation Hayley Leitch shows how to bring order to a choatic closet and enjoy a tidy wardrobe. You just need a set of Hanger Store velvet slimline hangers!

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Hayley shows how one pack of our black velvet slimline hangers can transform a cluttered cupboard into a tidy wardrobe. With slimline hangers, you can get a lot more garments in the closet. You also get more space around each garment to prevent creasing. So, by the time she’s finished, Hayley’s wardrobe just oozes calm and order. This is partly by using the same style of colour co-ordinated hangers. It turns getting up and choosing what to wear into an oasis of calm at the start of the day!

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Clever Little Clips

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With a pack of ten clips, you can make the hanger even more flexible. You can add and remove the clips as necessary. This changes your ordinary slimline hanger into a clip hanger and back, cheaply and easily. And they’re available in black, white, grey and beige.

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