Celebrating our 500th Trustpilot Customer Review!

We’re so grateful to everyone who’s left a customer review on Trustpilot over the past 9 months.

All the comments help us to know where we’re doing okay and where we need to improve. We never want to become complacent, so all reviews are welcome – good or bad. We also like the ones where there’s been an issue (e.g. with delivery), but we’ve been able to resolve it.

We joined Trustpilot at the beginning of March to provide a neutral, third party space for customers to leave their feedback and to make reviewing simpler. We did wonder if people would be willing to spend time reviewing a functional thing like a coat hanger, but we needn’t have worried! Now, 500 reviews later, we have a Trustscore of 4.8 out of 5, which means we’ve been rated excellent.

And what did the 500th review actually say? To our great relief, it was very much in tune with the majority of reviews. Our thanks go to Patricia Miles, who wrote as follows:

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