‘Tis the Season to Get Tidy

Cheap hangers, premium hangers and everything in between! With the hectic rush of Christmas over, it’s time to make space for new presents. For everyone who’s got new clothes, that probably means sorting out the wardrobe and making better use of space.

At the Hanger Store, we can’t tidy your closet for you, but we can help you to feel organised and make the best use of space.

First up, we stock a huge range of hangers, so we can help you choose the right type for your new clothes – such as shirt and dress hangers, clip hangers for trousers, jacket and suit hangers or special types like tie, belt or scarf hangers. There are many different ranges, from cheap hangers up to premium, and each hanger is available in a number of pack sizes

Our Velvet Slimline range – just one of many. Click the image to browse them.

Next, we can offer you really slimline hangers, like these soft velvet non-slips. This means more hangers (and more clothes) will fit into the same space. Having the same co-ordinated suite of hangers also makes everything feel more organised. So when you’re back to getting up early in the dark days of January, at least your wardrobe will welcome you with calm and order!

Finally, if you’ve got a spare room, attic or other free space, you don’t need to choose which clothes should stay and which should go. With our robust, mobile clothes rails, you can store all your out-of-season clothes safely and securely until they’re needed again. We sell them in 4 sizes, 3ft up to 6ft, and there’s a matching tough plastic cover for each one. So no need for clothing carnage in the closet – you can keep them all!

Our clothes rails and covers come in 4 sizes – click the image to see them and our wardrobe organisers.

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