Printing with The Hanger Store

Printing makes your brand stand out and it’s a sure sign of quality.  We have our own in-house printing facility, so we can turn jobs round much more quickly and can fulfil orders of as little as 500 hangers (sometimes even less).

To get a free computerised mock-up of your logo on a hanger either:

  • use the contact form to the right

  • email: with your logo

  • call our sales team for more information on: +44 (0)1245 253420

New Customer? Just £145+VAT to print 500 hangers! (Excl. Hanger Price)

How to Order

  • Send us your logo and which hanger(s) you would like printed and we will create a mock-up.
  • Check you like the look, the dimensions etc.
  • Check the costs (full details below) if you want a 2 colour logo, or a bigger logo (more than 5cm wide by 3 cm tall) or a large quantity. If you’re looking at 2,000 or more, ask us for a special quote.
  • Send us high definition artwork of your logo for the plate making (.ai, .cdr, .eps or .PDF formats) and tell us the pantone colour reference you want (see:
  • Once we get the printing plate (normally one week from order/payment) we will print samples that you can review for approval. Standard procedure is to do this by sending a photograph of the printed hanger.
  • Once you have approved the sample we finish the job! It normally takes a week but can be more, depending on the workload in our print room.  If your deadlines are tight, please check with us before ordering.

Why Print?

Print your hangers to make sure everything in your outlet contributes to your brand image.  If you’re a fashion retailer, you’ll expect bags, displays etc to contribute, so don’t let your hangers off the hook!  They can provide useful subliminal advertising which no customer can avoid seeing.

Traditionally, printed hangers were the preserve of the most successful high street brands. That speaks for itself, but it’s no longer true. Small and medium-sized outlets need this type of branding too. It’s a hallmark of quality, creates that essential ambience and sets you apart from the rest.


Why choose The Hanger Store?

Unlike most of our competitors, we have our own in-house printing facility. This means we can turn jobs round much quicker, as we’re not dependent on external suppliers and we can fulfill orders of as little as 500 hangers (sometimes even less).

We also have a wealth of experience so can advise on what will work best for you. We can print multi-colour logos and, as well as printing hangers, we can source plaques, printed garment bags and stationery.


Printing Eco Fibre Board Hangers

Eco fibre board hangers have huge potential for printing, as they have such a large flat surface for graphic images and logos.  We can print brand logos in-house on our plain stock hangers, in the same way as we print on wooden or plastic hangers.

If you would like to print the whole hanger, or just have it coloured with a solid colour, we can also arrange this as a special order.  A minimum quantity would apply and it may take some weeks to arrange and import.  Please contact us for a quote and further details.




Cost details

The following table shows standard pricing, if you’re ordering more than 2,000 hangers please contact us for a quote. Please note that printing costs are in addition to the normal cost of the hangers.

We don’t normally do a print run of less than 500 hangers as it is not cost-effective. An exception to this is if we already have your printing plate or the print room is not too busy, so please call our sales team to enquire. 

1 Colour
(standard size)
1 Colour
2 Colours
Max Logo Size (width x height)45 x 30 mm65 x 30 mm65 x 30 mm
Per hanger cost9p9p17p
Setup Cost (to prepare the machine and clean out afterwards – once per colour)£25£25£50
Total for printing 500 hangers (with existing logo plate)£70 £70 £135
Cost of plate (only chargeable once per logo)£75£95£190
Total for printing 500 hangers (including new logo plate)£145 £165 £325
  • Please contact our sales team if your logo requires more than two colours.
  • Occasionally, some colours may require several strikes (e.g. a very light colour on a dark hanger) and may incur a small additional charge. If so, we will advise you before accepting payment.
  • All costs shown on this page exclude VAT.