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Children and Baby Hangers

We have a wide range of children’s hangers & baby hangers – for different ages and in different materials.  Whatever the style of your store or wardrobe, you should find a matching child or baby hanger here: stylish white and natural wood; velvet flocked in black, pink and purple; satin padded; black and white plastic; and soft-coated metal – a huge range of kids hangers!

Size Guide

What’s the right size?  Check your child’s clothes, of course, as children have a habit of growing at different rates!  But broadly:

25 – 30 cmBabies and Toddlers
30 – 36 cmPrimary School Age
36 – 38 cmTeenagers
38 – 42 cmStandard Ladies’ Size
40 – 45 cmStandard Men’s Size
From 56p each
From 66p each
From 66p each